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Published: 21st September 2010
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Review: Alternate sources of Income

Whether you are looking for full time income or part time supplemental income, the following write up on myNetworkingPro will help you get started in the right direction.

It is a social/business networking site similar to Facebook or MySpace but geared towards business professionals. The advantages are:

1. Does not cost anything to join. You can create your profile and then search for people in your field of interest. Exchange emails with them, tell them about yourself and see if you can provide them a service or vice versa. You can place Free Classified Ads to advertise you services. Participate in Blogs and Forums or start your own. You may even be able to find a job or contract through such business networking or establish a business relationship with another member.

2. So how do you make money through myNetworkingPro? First you upgrade your membership from free to Executive I.R. for $29.95 per month. Second, you solicit small business owners and individuals to join the network at the $29.95 / month level. Why should they bother to join? Because you offer them so much value for just a fraction of what it would cost them to get those services independently. For example:
1. myNetworkingPro automatically matches members with other members ("direct matches") with similar interests. In a way, it does some of the networking for members - a critical piece in promoting small businesses.
2. The mix of members is very diverse. It's not all Internet and network marketers on myNetworkingPro. There are a good number of brick & mortar small business owners and service professionals, e.g., small manufacturers, computer repair shops, programming and service engineering companies, facilities providers, accountants, trainers, realtors, insurance agents, investors, as well as artists and musicians. It makes up for a very interesting mix and can be more profitable for some businesses.
3. Find relevant contacts locally or globally. myNetworkingPro is an international network yet you can search for relevant businesses or prospects within a few miles of your zip code. How powerful is that!
4. Classified Ads - up to 20 at a time. There are other free classified services like CraigsList and Kijiji but they police the number of Ads you post there and often delete / flag Ads without proper cause. If you try to post a second Ad that is a little bit similar or in a second city they reject it. Here at myNetworkingPro you can post 20 classified Ads and link them to your website for greater details.
5. Press releases - up to three every month. A single press release can cost you $250 to $1000 depending upon which service you use. Here as long as you pay your $29.95 monthly membership, you can send out three press releases every month. That is $750 to $3000 saved a month. Isn't that an incredible value!
6. Detailed profile - Members can write a full page Ad about themselves or their business.
7. They can list their News and Events. An additional channel for promoting their business.
8. Create their own Blogs, Forums and Networks - and they can create multiple blogs, forums and networks. They can even create private networks for their customers. Their customers join for free and subscribe to their networks for training etc. How much value can you assign to that? You decide.
9. Post audio and video messages including slide shows and flash presentations.
10. Listing in the business directory and yellow pages directory.
11. myNetworkingPro is international so it offers small businesses to present their products and services to the whole wide world.
12. They can even make money through myNetworkingPro, by replicating what you will be doing. And best of all, you get to benefit from their downline too.
13. For any small business, myNetworkingPro offers value far and beyond the $29.95 membership fee. It's hard to say no to so much.

3. So how does it put money in your pocket?:
1. Every time your personally sponsored Free member upgrades to an Executive I.R. at the $29.95 level, you get a one time bonus of half of that, i.e., $15. If you upgrade 10 members, you make $150, upgrade 50, you make $750, upgrade 100 and you make $1500 and so on.
2. Residuals: The real beef is in the residuals - that is what can make you rich in the long term. The upgrade bonuses described above are good to give you some money right now but the residuals create long term wealth. When you upgrade to Executive I.R., you start enrolling members in two legs, a left leg and a right leg. When you have four Executive I.R.s in the left and four in the right leg, that is called a complete cycle. For every cycle you complete, you get $30. That is $30 every month. So if you have 100 cycles going, you are making $3000 per month. Remember, this is in addition to the upgrade bonuses you receive every time your personally sponsored members upgrade.
3. In addition, there are promotions and bonuses from time to time. For example, these days, if you build a network of 100 personally sponsored Executives IR's and maintain a minimum of 50 Executives IR's in your organization you will qualify for a $2000 car bonus plus $350 per month to lease or purchase the car of your choice.

4. Training provided: Yes your sponsor (supervisor) provides you training through written and video tutorials and over the telephone help.

5. Marketing assistance provided: Yes. myNetworkingPro provides you:
1. Back Office software that tracks the progress of your business and receive sales activity reports.
2. Pre-written banner and text advertisements, email reply and marketing letters, brochures and business cards.
3. Capture pages on the web for your members or prospects to register through.

6. Do most people join in and work at it full time?
Usually people start in part time even though they may put in considerable hours. It doesn't need to interfere with your day job. You can work at it at night, early mornings, weekends or whenever you have time to spare.

7. How do I join? Cut copy paste this link here

You can join myNetworkingPro for free but to be able to make money, you need to upgrade to the Executive I.R. level at $29.95 per month. So for less than a buck a day, you have a chance to start a business that in due course can potentially make you up to $12,000 / week. Remember your primary investment is time. To start a conventional business, you need to have thousands of dollars to invest and you can work at it only during normal business hours. If it fails, all your investment goes down the drain. In myNetworkingPro we have a business opportunity that costs you very little but provides you the potential to make serious money.
Once you complete the joining process, email me so we can get started in devising a plan.

Looking forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship.

Until next time,

Michael Hoffman
myNetworkingPro Executive
863-904-5140 EST
DM ID: Rosarch

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